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Wireless Devices

PROBLEM: Cell Phones, Wi-Fi, and Other Wireless Devices

The cell phone industry was born in the 1980s. Originally developed for the U.S. military, these devices were never originally tested for safety. In bringing mobile phones to market, the industry’s argument of low-power exclusion—the belief that cell phone radiation does not cause thermal heating—allowed the industry to be largely exempted from regulatory oversight.1

Mobile phone users are exposed to intense levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation that are significantly higher than those found in the general environment. This is principally because the devices are operated close to the head and deposit a large amount of energy directly into the brain. A cellular phone is basically a radio that sends RF signals to a distant base station—as well as to your central nervous system. Cellular phones generate two types of signals: a near-field plume and a far-field plume. It is the near-field plume that is the cause for concern, as it is generated within 10 to 12 centimeters of the phone antenna. It easily penetrates the tissues of the brain and other organs, such as the hip bone, where 80% of the body’s blood cells are manufactured.

Almost 20 years after cellular communication was introduced to the global market, we are reaching the end of the latency period for cancers to appear, and the scientific evidence is quickly mounting that cell phone use is associated with the development of serious adverse health effects. Swedish researchers recently uncovered a startling and consistent decline in the general health of the population that coincided with the installation of cellular communication towers and the use of mobile phones throughout the country.2,3 In other recent findings, scientists have identified brain tumors and other cancers,4,5,6 alterations in gene expression and genetic damage,7,8,9 adverse changes to the central nervous system,10,11,12 neurological abnormalities,13,14,15 and immunological disturbances.16,17,18

The advent of cellular communications has brought microwaves down from the sky to the street level, integrating these powerful EMF fields into our environment, something that is totally foreign to our bodies. It is postulated that the body responds to these energy fields as invading pathogens, setting in place a cascade of biochemical reactions that cause the release of damaging free radicals, alter the blood-brain barrier, kick start chronic inflammatory responses, and disrupt intercellular communications. The effects of other wireless communication devices, such as Wi-Fi, are believed to be similar, as these devices also radiate microwave signals within the same radiofrequencies as cell phones.19