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PROBLEM: Fragrances

Fragrances can be found in everything from laundry soap to lotions, and consumers have come to expect every product to smell fresh or fruity. However, many people have adverse reactions to fragrances and don’t even know it.

Fragrances are one of the leading causes of cosmetic contact dermatitis, which affects more than 2 million people.1 If you are allergic to a skin care or hair care product, there’s a good chance you’re actually allergic to the fragrances used in it.

Surprisingly, synthetic fragrances have been detected in fish and mollusks. In these aquatic organisms, the fragrances interfere with the efflux transporter proteins in the cell membranes, which work to remove toxins from the cell.2 Though this doesn’t necessarily apply to human cell functions, it is worth acknowledging that the products we use have an impact on wildlife even from great distances.