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The bedroom—often the crown glory of the home—promises a relaxing and luxurious retreat. Research shows, however, that when it comes to deep and restful sleep, our bedrooms aren’t measuring up. For many of us, our most personal room in the house needs a serious makeover, one with solutions that reach beyond designer paint or the latest furniture.

The bedroom plays host to any number of activities, from TV watching to treadmill time. We easily spend at least one-third of our lives there, and our vitality begins there. Without noticing, however, we’ve allowed dangers to intrude that could be siphoning life rather than replenishing it.

Our own actions may be first in the lineup of suspects.

Some surprisingly simple changes to your bedroom may improve the quality of your sleep and your vitality. Whether you prefer austere or elaborate, sexy chic or cottage comfy, the first room in your home to clean up and clear out is your bedroom. With a few basic insights and some simple solutions, you can make yours a refuge of healthy rejuvenation.

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