The Healthy Home is full of practical and accessible health advice that will help you get a good night’s sleep, choose the right
household cleaners, and figure out what products to avoid.” —Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times bestselling author


Take simple steps to protect your family…

Almost overnight, a toxic world has been built around us, slowly manipulating how we eat, sleep, work, play…how we live. And the consequences of these conveniences have never been documented together in one place, until now.

The Healthy Home isn't only a comprehensive look at the dangerous poisons within your home but is a guidebook of simple solutions that will help you live a life free of the toxic burdens society has created, packaged, and sold to you as necessities of everyday life. As you read, you'll begin to learn about the science behind the positive choices you can make to improve you and your family's most important resource—your health.

Have you ever considered:

  • Chemicals added to fabrics to enhance durability and stain and wrinkle resistance have been linked to both reproductive and developmental toxicity, as well as cancers of the liver and bladder. But organic cotton contains none of these.
  • Aluminum can induce oxidative damage, which has been linked to Parkinson's and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)—yet a typical dose of your regular antacids can contain as much as 400 mg of aluminum. A little soda water anyone?
  • Your cooking pans coated with non-stick Teflon can release six toxic gases when heated up to 680°F on a regular electric stove, including two carcinogens, two global pollutants, and a chemical known to be lethal to humans. Maybe the extra scrubbing of a regular pan is worth it.
  • The air in your home is constantly filled with toxins from the paint on your walls, the glue that holds down your carpet, and the fire-retardant chemicals coating your comfy mattress. You can learn how to minimize your exposure.

With the help of The Healthy Home, you'll learn about the dangerous substances you may be exposed to on a daily basis, and the simple but effective changes you can start making today that will help you and your family reduce your toxic burden, circumvent the risks of the modern world, and live a healthier life.

Make the choice to create a healthier environment for you and your family—pre-order The Healthy Home now and discover the simple truths that will protect your family from the hidden dangers within your very own home.

About the Authors

Dave Wentz

Dave Wentz is chief executive officer of USANA Health Sciences, a state-of-the-art manufacturer of nutritional supplements and health products. He received a bachelor's degree in bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego. Dave lives with his wife, Reneé, and children, Andrew and Sydney, in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he enjoys skydiving, playing volleyball and soccer, mountain biking, and skiing Utah's famous powder.

Myron Wentz, Ph.D.

Dr. Myron Wentz holds a Ph.D. in microbiology with a specialty in immunology from the University of Utah. He founded Gull Laboratories in 1974 and developed the first commercially available diagnostic test for the Epstein-Barr virus. Later, he founded USANA Health Sciences and Sanoviv Medical Institute. Dr. Wentz was honored in June 2007 with the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences. He is the author of A Mouth Full of Poison and Invisible Miracles. He travels the world with his lovely partner, Prudence.

Donna K. Wallace

Donna K. Wallace has penned fifteen books with accomplished speakers, physicians, therapists, and celebrities. Her recent projects include The Creation Health Breakthrough (Hachette, 2007) with Dr. Monica Reed as well as the international best-selling book What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You (Thomas Nelson, 2000) with Dr. Ray Strand. Donna and her family live in Bozeman, Montana.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: There's the Rub
Chapter 2: The Body Electric!
Chapter 3: Sleepytime

Chapter 4: Let's Get Personal
Chapter 5: Bright, White, and Pearly
Chapter 6: Don't Be a Dope

Chapter 7: For the Love of Food
Chapter 8: Let's Get Cooking
Chapter 9: Drink Up!

Living Areas
Chapter 10: Clean Living
Chapter 11: High Tech, High Risk

Garage and Yard
Chapter 12: Gremlins in the Garage
Chapter 13: Going Green in Your Yard

Praise for The Healthy Home

"Dave and Dr. Wentz have conspired to create an innovative and imaginative approach to living simply. As a physician, I would offer one bit of advice: heed the constructs, sentiments, and words written in this book. We cannot wait for the scientific method to verify the claims made. As individuals we must act now! We should follow our intuition and adhere to The Healthy Home."

—Peter W. Rugg, M.D., FACEP

"The Healthy Home is an amazing revelation of the 'truths' on everyday products that parents use for their children. This book will empower parents to take measures to protect their children from toxins that may threaten the health of our future generations."

—Christine Wood, M.D., pediatrician and author of How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It

"I have met few individuals more generous, more approachable, and more caring than Dr. Wentz. He believes in true health and is seeking to discover its secrets with a passion that is as spiritual as it is scientific. In this brilliant collaboration with his son, Dave, we are able to witness the passage and expansion of simple truths from generation to generation."

—Denis Waitley, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Psychology of Winning