The Children’s Hunger Fund


Millions of people around the globe are faced with the challenge of not knowing when they are going to receive their next meal. In fact, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, nearly 1 in 6 people are coping with starvation, and many of them are children. The faces of hungry children aren’t just staged snapshots—they showcase the terrifyingly real truth that the basic nutritional needs of so many helpless young people are going unmet. But Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) has dedicated itself to changing that reality.

CHF is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 by President Dave Phillips. Their mission is to “alleviate the suffering of children by equipping God's Church to communicate the Gospel through effective compassion ministry.” Today the organization’s mission remains the same, and its purpose is touching millions of lives around the globe.

The organization has dedicated itself to helping children and individuals in countries worldwide, and since CHF was formed they have “distributed more than $875 million in food and other resources to serve the needs of more than 10 million children in 35 U.S. states and 72 countries worldwide.”

CHF is committed to making sure the monetary donations they receive go directly to the needs around the world. Ninety-nine cents of every dollar goes directly to children and individuals in need.

Although the statistics might seem too staggering to change, the truth is, every penny counts. You can help change the life of a child and ultimately the lives of generations to come.

If you don’t have money to donate to CHF, consider donating your time. Volunteering at one of their three offices—located in Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Chicago—is a great and convenient way to give to CHF’s cause through service. You may find yourself filling food packs or putting together hygiene kits with soap and toothbrushes.

Those supplies might be sent to third world countries, but they also may be given to families right in your neighborhood. Wherever they go, they are going to someone in desperate need of help.

Those wishing to donate can visit to learn more about how they can provide financial assistance. Whatever you are able to do, you never know whose lives you might be changing.

CHF holds a unique and special place in the hearts of Dave Wentz and Dr. Myron Wentz. Proceeds from the sales of The Healthy Home will be donated to organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children. Among those will be CHF, which the authors have been partnered with for several years.

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